This page provides common documents that are used during the loan process.
* CORRESPONDENT SELLING GUIDE - 5/1/19    PDF  1558k    
* Conventional Credit File Checklist 1/1/18    PDF  381k    
* Conventional Closed Loan Checklist 9/1/17    PDF  260k    
* Delegated Conventional Loan Checklist 1/1/18    PDF  721k    
* Delegated FHA Loan Checklist 1/1/18    PDF  563k    
* Delegated USDA/RD Loan Checklist 1/1/18    PDF  556k    
* Delegated VA Loan Checklist 7/1/17    PDF  596k    
* Demographic Information Addendum to 1003 (for 2018 HMDA reporting)    PDF  29k    
* Escrow Account Payment Notice    DOC  26k    
* Escrow Waiver Agreement    DOC  24k    
* Fee Schedule - For locks and extensions starting 7/2/18    PDF  109k    
* FHA Closed Loan Checklist 7/1/17    PDF  333k    
* FHA Credit File Checklist 1/1/18    PDF  520k    
* FHA Quick Reference Sheet    PDF  198k    
* First Payment Letter    DOC  22k    
* Final Document Transmittal    PDF  96k    
* Lock Change Request Form (rev 7/2/2018)    PDF  355k    
* Loss Claim Brochure    PDF  2617k    
* PMI Company Underwriting Acknowledgement    DOC  20k    
* Post Funding Docs and Title Insurance Requirements    PDF  156k    
* Power of Attorney Submittal Form    PDF  88k    
* Prime Portfolio Solution Credit Checklist    PDF  480k    
* Prime Portfolio Solution Closed Checklist    PDF  414k    
* Prime Portfolio Solution Asset Income Worksheet    PDF  702k    
* Prime Portfolio Solution Exception Request    PDF  637k    
* Prime Portfolio Solution First Look Form    PDF  826k    
* Prime Portfolio Solution Instructions    PDF  720k    
* Prime Portfolio Solution Overlays    PDF  511k    
* Prime Portfolio Solution Sample Balloon Note    PDF  92k    
* Prime Portfolio Solution Sample Balloon Rider    PDF  30k    
* Prime Portfolio Solution Webinar Slides    PDF  2552k    
* QM Instructions    PDF  65k    
* QM Notice of Right to Receive Copy of Appraisal    DOC  22k    
* QM Points and Fees Worksheet (revised 1/1/17)    PDF  233k    
* QM Points and Fees Worksheet (for 2019 loan limits)    PDF  229k    
* QM Procedures to Provide Appraisals    PDF  99k    
* RD Credit File Checklist 1/1/18    PDF  484k    
* RD Closed Loan Checklist 7/1/17    PDF  351k    
* Real Estate Tax Escrow Requirements    PDF  6k    
* Second Lien Credit File Checklist    PDF  407k    
* Second Lien Closed Loan Checklist    PDF  316k    
* Service Released Premium Schedule (NEW effective 08/01/18)    PDF  47k    
* SSA - 3288    PDF  692k    
* Tax Return Requirements - 2017    PDF  87k    
* VA Closed Loan Checklist 7/1/17    PDF  353k    
* Undisclosed Debt Notice    DOC  19k    
* VA Credit File Checklist 1/1/18    PDF  527k    
* Validation of Qualified Parties Certification    DOC  19k    
* Vendor Management - West Gate Bank 2019 Due Diligence    PDF  3137k    
* WGB CD Signature Requirements    PDF  108k    
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